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Refer A Friend!

The continued success of our students and graduates depends on a vibrant and dedicated student body. Some of our best students are here because they discussed Keystone College with someone they know. That’s why we’re asking you to share your story with a colleague, family member or friend who may be interested in one of our online programs!

For every referral you submit, you can receive a $250 tuition credit applied to your next term’s tuition. The referred person(s) must enroll and remain past the allotted drop/add period for the tuition credit to be awarded. The tuition credit is cumulative which means the more referrals you submit, the more money you can save on your next term’s tuition.

(Please note: Keystone College employees, students and referrals who have 100% tuition remission are not eligible for referral tuition credits. Additionally, the referral program only applies to the online MBA, online BS in Business Administration, online BS in Accounting Principles, and online BS in Organization-Industrial Psychology programs.)

Every referral you provide has the potential to positively impact someone’s future. So share the love, submit as many referrals as you’d like and thank you for being our greatest advocate.


Here’s how it works:

  • You provide us with the name and contact information of someone you know who would be interested in our online program.
  • We’ll contact your referral and answer any questions they might have regarding their desired course of study.
  • If they meet the requirements for admission, successfully enroll and begin their classes, you’ve just positively impacted someone’s life and earned a $250 tuition credit toward your next term.

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